Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Feeling Good During the Holidays

If you want to help ensure that you feel well during the holidays, follow basic rules for health plus a few other techniques you might normally skip. We all know we should try to eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of fluids, get enough exercise, get sufficient amounts of sleep, and wash your hands frequently. What many of us may skip is consuming a wide variety of concentrated nutrients.

Often eating a wide variety presents a challenge. You have to make a trip to the grocery, clean and prepare the food and make sure you consume all of it before it goes bad. One way I like to eliminate these hassles is make one trip to Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant. They have loads fresh vegetables full of concentrated nutrients and plenty of variety. The recipes appeal to all age groups. I have even had my kids ask me to duplicate some of their recipes at home. Sign up for free discount coupons at Club Veg. (By the way, I don't make any money from this endorsement.)

For even greater concentration of nutrients, I like to juice. Freshly juiced fruits and vegetables contain concentrated enzymes that help speed healing and protect the body from external pollutants. For best results, drink freshly juiced produce immediately after juicing. By the way, juicers make great gifts. What could say you care more than giving a gift that benefits health? Visit my website, for some of the best juicers on the market.

The best way to consume concentrated nutrition is with sprouts. Sprouts contain maximum enzyme concentration for an accelerated rate of chemical reactions. Sprouts hold the genetic makeup capable of producing an entire mature plant. The enzyme density allows chemical reactions to take place quickly. This translates into fast healing, better health and feeling great. Juicing sprouts amplifies effectiveness and absorption into the body. Water dense sprouts tightly packed juice best. For example, mung bean sprouts juice well when densely packed. Save money and make your own sprouts. Check out this great deal on a hanging sprouter.

If you start having a specific health problem that you cannot seem to solve, try changing what you have been eating or juicing. Getting sick or having health problems often can clear up by giving the body different nutrients. A wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables helps ensure a healthy holiday as it would any time of year. Concentrated nutrients help ensure a greater chance of staying well. Stay well and on top of your game this holiday season with a wide variety of concentrated nutrients. Happy holidays to all!

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